7 Ways To Combat Cravings Mindfully

Cravings are clues for what your body, mind and soul are seeking. Maybe you need excitement, affection, regular and genuine connection with others and spiritual fulfillment, but those can be difficult to find if you live a fast-paced life. But food shouldn't be a stressor; it should be love, joy, a basic need, nourishment and conviviality.

To conquer unhealthy food cravings, you just need to tune into your feelings and life situations and ask yourself if food is really the answer. With that in mind, here are seven practical tips that can help you gently curb your food cravings and discover what you may need instead.

About the Author

Lesh Karan is a holistic food coach, professional health writer, author and former practicing pharmacist. A diagnosis of endometriosis in 2009 led her to change her eating and lifestyle habits and create The Mindful Foodie. Drawing upon her knowledge, research and personal experience, Lesh uses a holistic approach to help others eat healthily and form a positive relationship with food. Visit themindfulfoodie.com for her free recipes and articles, and to find out more about Lesh' s ebook and courses.