Restorative Yoga Poses: How-to, Tips, Benefits, Images, Videos
Winding down with a restorative practice after a long day might be just what the yoga doctor ordered. Here are some poses to help get you started.

Child's Pose - Before relaxing completely, press your palms into the ground with arms straight and elbows lifted, pushing your hips... More on Child's Pose >>

Happy Baby
- Lie down on your back, and bring knees into chest. Keeping knees deeply bent, bring bottoms of feet to face upward, and... More on Happy Baby Pose >>

Half Happy Baby
- Lie down flat on your back. Lift one knee and bend it toward your shoulder.  Keeping the knee bent.. More on Half Happy Baby Pose >>

Reclining Knee to Shoulder - Lie down flat on your back. Lift one knee and bend it toward your shoulder, using... More on Reclining Knee to Shoulder Pose >>

Reclining Eagle Twist
- Lie down flat on your back. Lift both knees up, bringing your feet right behind your hips. Keeping one.. More on Reclining Eagle Twist Pose >>

Reclining Goddess
- Lie down flat on your back. Lift both knees up, bringing your feet right behind your hips. Let your knees... More on Reclining Goddess Pose >>

Corpse Pose
- Relax. Follow your breath without trying to control it. Notice what’s going on in your body. Catch your thoughts as...More on Corpse Pose >>

Cow Face Pose
- From hands and knees, cross one knee behind the other, and rest it outside of the opposite calf... More on Cow Face Pose >>

Standing Forward Bend - Stand with your feet parallel, hip width apart. Fold forward over your legs, allowing your back, arms, and neck to release toward... More on Standing Forward Bend >>

Supported Bridge Pose

Supported Bridge Pose
- Lie down on your back, feet planted behind your hips, knees up. Lift your hips up to a comfortable level, and place a block under your... More on Supported Bridge Pose >>

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In his younger years, Mike challenged centuries of reasonable and well-tested martial traditions in hundreds of competitions, by applying unruly imagination to a world where rules were unbreakable. As he got older, he happily become more interested in supporting bodies than disrupting them, and continued on to medical applications of the mind-body connection in university.

Mike studied mind-body medicine at Harvard, and alternative medicine and psychology at Oxford. After running into walls with standard medical practice in the U.S. and England, Mike left his healthcare roots. He worked at a steel mill for a while, joined a web company, and then founded a few more. He now serves on the board of Odyl, which helps people discover books on Facebook.

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