Backbend Yoga Poses: How-to, Tips, Benefits, Images, Videos

Opening up in the spine and chest feels great and strengthens our connection to intuition. Here are some poses to help get you started.

Cow Pose
- From hands and knees, arch your back so your belly drops toward the floor and chest opens in front of you. More on Cow Pose >>

Cat Pose
- From hands and knees, round your back so you spine curves upward, and relax your head toward the ground, releasing your neck. More on Cat Pose >>

Camel Pose
- Stand on your knees with toes tucked, knees hip width apart. Reach your hands one at a time to your heels. More on Camel Pose >>

Upward Facing Dog - Try relaxing everything in your body other than what you need in your arms to hold you. More on Upward Facing Dog Pose >>


Cobra Pose
- Lie face down with legs extended about 6 inches apart, tops of feet on the ground. Bring palms under shoulders, and gently press down, slowly lifting your upper then middle... More on Cobra Pose >>

Bow Pose - Lie down on your stomach, with arms extended back along your sides. Bend your knees, and reach your hands back to hold the outsides of your ankles. Press your knees and ankles behind you... More on Bow Pose >>

Bridge Pose
- Lie flat on your back.Bend your knees straight up, bringing heels just behind your hips. More on Bridge Pose >>


Wheel Pose - Lie flat on your back. Bend your knees straight up, bringing heels just behind your hips. Bring hands on either side of your head, fingers pointing back toward your body. More on Wheel Pose >>


Lord of the Dance Pose - While standing, shift your weight onto one foot. Bend your other knee, lifting your foot up behind your thigh with the knee pointing down. More on Lord of the Dance Pose >>


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