5 Foods to Help Detoxify the Body

Juice cleanses have their place – they are rich in phytonutrients, give the digestive system a rest and exclude dietary toxins. 

However, they don’t eliminate toxins that are already present in the body. If you’ve been boozing it up, throwing back shots of espresso, drinking tap water, and juicing with non-organic produce, then it’s highly likely you have toxins stored in your tissues and fat cells.

If you want to really cleanse the body, you’ll need to liberate, deactivate and eliminate the accumulated toxins. To do that, antioxidants, amino acids and fiber are required. 

Without the latter two (i.e. a juice fast), you’ll release the toxins but they will float around the body then go right back to their storage place, typically your fat cells. 

If you find it challenging to lose fat, this may be why – you’re a little overloaded with old toxins.

To help reboot your body’s detox system and clear environmental and dietary toxins, I recommend you consume these five foods on a regular basis:

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About the Author

Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN is a nutritional therapist, writer and founder of Food Coach NYC. She holds her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and is trained in nutrition biochemistry, functional medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy. She believes that food should be viewed as nourishing, joyful and fundamental to self-care. Her goal is to help women break their antagonist (and often obsessive) relationship with food and their body. She believes that true beauty stems from grace, dignity and embracing our idiosyncrasies that make us unique and imperfect.

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