Documentaries That Changed the Way I Think About Food

For me, the shift in my way of thinking about food began after I saw the movie Food, Inc. It was a big slap in the face to all my beliefs about food because, like many, I was so far detached from where it came from. And even after watching Food, Inc, I was still in denial. 

At least I was, until I walked into my local supermarket. I clearly remember looking at the perfectly packed shelves, lined with processed foods and thinking, “This is so far from food.” 

When you open the door to the organic world, it can be so overwhelming! You find yourself feeling like you don’t know where to start or wondering if it's even worth the change.
Here are some documentaries I recommend to get you motivated to start the change: 
1. Food, Inc.

Looks into the industrial production of the food we eat, food labelling laws, Monsanto and organic farm practices. 

2. Food Matters

This documentary looks further into the food we eat and how consuming nutritious food could prevent diseases and treat a range of health conditions. It includes some inspiring speakers, such as David Wolfe and Charlotte Gerson.

3. Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Fellow Aussie Joe Cross changes his life through juicing. Although many do not agree with his extreme approach, I believe it's great motivation just to see how powerful juicing can be.

4. The Gerson Miracle

Looks at the Gerson Therapy and how this helps to treat cancer. It's an amazing movie that really makes you think about cancer and the conventional therapies being used in hospitals.

Like many, after watching these movies, I had the following thoughts;
  • What can I do, I am only one person?
  • There is so much to change! If I change I want to do it properly!
  • Changing to an organic lifestyle will cost too much.
Remember that one change is better than none at all. Vote with your money and support local farmers and organizations striving to do the right thing for the world.
If you've already changed to a cleaner lifestyle: Congratulations! The best thing we can do is to share our story! Educate one person; share the information you found most inspiring and helpful to keep the ripple effect going.
What about you? What documentaries did you find most inspiring? Which ones challenged you to think about the world differently? 

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