7 Flowers to Color Your Mood

Last weekend at the local farmers market, I bought a bouquet of yellow Gerber daisies for my dining table. As I ate the delicious blueberries and raspberries and sipped my fresh squeezed orange juice, I felt enlivened by all the colors surrounding me!

Specific colors can invigorate, harmonize and relax you. Each one creates a different mood and causes an immediate effect on your energy. Imagine colors as having personalities. Blue reminds us of the sky and ocean, creating calm and imagination. Green reminds us of nature and is very healing. Red is the color for passion and love. If you are feeling a little “blah” and need a boost of energy, buy yourself some colorful flowers!

Flowers are a wonderful way to bring color and positive energy into your life. The vibrant hue of the petals will shower a room with radiance and positively affect your mood. Of course, their aromatic fragrance will also lift your spirit. Visit a local farmer’s market, the grocery store or your front yard to invite color into your space. Mix and match colors in your flower arrangements to spark a wide range of energy!

To boost your mood, display these 7 flowers.

About the Author

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