Avocado Bliss Salad
In Chinese Medicine sesame oil and avocado are both good for nourishing the yin in the body which can be lost by overworking or sweating a lot. The fall is a good time of year to eat yin nourishing foods to
prepare the body for the cold weather to come. The cooling effect of the cucumber in this dish perfectly balances the spiciness of the Togarashi and the healthy fats in the avocado will stabilize the blood sugar and leave you feeling satiated. This dish is inpired by Yakuza, one of my favorite Portland restaurants!

Avocado Bliss Salad:
1 firm but ripe Avocado
1 Cucumber
Both chopped into bite-sized pieces

2 tbls Rice vinegar
1tsp of Sugar
1/4 tsp of Salt
2 tbls Sesame oil
1-2 tsp Togarashi  (found at your local asian grocery)
2 tsp Sesame seeds

Combine ingredients for sauce to taste then drizzle over avocado & cucumber and toss lightly. Goes great with a little white wine, this is a little taste of Portland a nice Pinot Gris from Ponzi. 

Enjoy!  ;)
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About the Author
Tiffany is the Acupuncturist and Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon, runs 200 and 500 hour yoga teacher trainings and has been featured in various articles, video and print ads including ads for Nike and Lululemon. She travels the globe inspiring people all over the world to live their lives to the fullest and her book, Optimal Health For A Vibrant Life, is a 30 day detox for yogis.