Move Over, Pasta! 5 Foods Athletes Should Eat

It’s summer, and that means race season for many endurance athletes. No matter what athletic endeavor you pursue, how you train is important. But what you eat before, during, and after your race can also make a big difference in your performance and how you recover.

You might know the old favorites of pasta for the pre-race dinner and drinking chocolate milk after the race, but are they really the best food for racing and recovery? For most athletes, probably not.

So if pasta and chocolate milk are out, what should you eat pre- and post-race?

You’ll do great if you stick with whole foods like vegetables, fruits and lean proteins and add in these five foods to get an extra edge for racing and recovery.

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Caroline Stahlschmidt is a Health Coach and yoga teacher. She is the founder of Elevate Your Wellness. She specializes in functional nutrition and digestive health. She is passionate about helping women reboot their bodies and reclaim their health. Caroline offers private health coaching and group programs. Join her for more recipes like this during Delicious Detox, starting on October 20th.