The 7 Best Foods To Boost Your Memory

Everyone wants a sharper memory, and as you get older it's especially important to pay attention to the foods you eat in order to preserve your precious mental abilities. Fortunately, nature has provided some great tools to keep your mind intact and your body fit. 

Here are seven of my favorite memory-boosting foods, so eat up and enjoy a memory rivaled by no one!

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About the Author

Lisa is an experienced naturopath and author, who runs a Sydney based clinic called 'Art of Healing'. Lisa has a real love for helping people achieve true health and happiness, through good wholesome food, healing herbs and homeopathic remedies. Lisa is an avid health writer and regular contributor to leading newspapers and magazines. She is the author of three internationally sold books, My Goodness: all you need to know about children's health and nutrition, Heal Yourself’ and ‘Pregnancy Essentials.