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Over 40 & Lower Back Pain? You Might Be Lacking This Nutrient

Lacking this vitamin might be causing your back to hurt.

Abby Moore
February 12

Do You Need 3 Doses Of HPV Vaccine? New Research Says Maybe Not

Odds are, you or someone you know has received the HPV vaccine.

Sarah Regan
February 10

Researchers May Have Found A Genetic Cause Of Infertility

Scientists have identified a controlling factor in meiosis.

Eliza Sullivan
February 8

Why Women Over 40 Should Pay Special Attention To Their Heart Health

Women are at an increased risk for heart disease during menopausal transitions.

Abby Moore
February 4

This Diet Can Decrease Your Chance Of Getting UTIs, New Study Finds

If you're looking for yet another reason to switch over to a plant-based diet, we have your answer.

Christina Coughlin
January 30

What Is Our Infradian Rhythm? We Break Down The New Health Buzzword

You'll want to add this biological concept to your vocabulary, stat.

Jamie Schneider
January 29

How Turmeric Can Alleviate PMS & When To Take It For Maximum Results

We spoke with a "spice expert" on how supplementation can curb symptoms of PMS.

Christina Coughlin
January 12