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3 Myths About Genital Herpes That Get In The Way Of A Healthy Sex Life

Debunked by both an OB/GYN and a woman who’s been there.

Krista Soriano
October 9 2020

Explained: Healthier Periods For You & The Planet

A more comfortable cycle: Tips for a healthier period.

Meg Phillips
September 29 2020

Why We Need To Talk More About The Link Between Pleasure & Fertility

There's a host of action items to optimize your fertility (no matter any past diagnoses). To start, here's why you should focus on pleasure. 

Jason Wachob
September 23 2020

An OB/GYN On The Maternal Health Disparities Black Women Face

Black maternal lives matter, and Black babies matter, too.

Abby Moore
June 27 2020

Buh-Bye Cramps, Bloating & Moodiness: 5 Supplements To Ease Period Symptoms

They can be helpful for banishing bloat, curbing cranky moods, and soothing painful cramps.

Joni Sweet
June 12 2020