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Wendy Reese

If Dating Was a Sport, What Are the Rules?

What happens when you find yourself at 40 having been in one relationship (or one after another) without ever really experiencing dating? You must...

Wendy Reese
July 28 2012

Yoga & Online Dating: 3 Ways Yoga Can Help You Find Your Ideal Mate

How can you take your yoga off the mat and apply it to online dating? In practicing yoga, you gain flexibility, strength and balance. You approach the...

Wendy Reese
July 11 2012

Do You Say What You Mean? 4 Steps to Speaking Your Truth

What makes you say no when you really mean yes? This happens when we receive an offer or an invitation and our heart says, “Heck yeah!” while our...

Wendy Reese
June 29 2012

A New Approach to Spring Cleaning

It is time again to transition from winter to spring. As everything begins to bloom around us in a wash of colors and shades of green, we are reminded...

Wendy Reese
April 16 2012

4 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Holidays can be stressful. This year, try these three tips to ease the pressure and find great joy for a lifetime of beautiful memories.

Wendy Reese
December 19 2011

Do Veterans Need Healing or Do They Need to Heal Us?

In July 2009, the Army’s surgeon general released a report of an epidemiological consultation at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs, CO that essentially...

Wendy Reese
November 11 2011

Hip Openers Are Key to Healing Relationships

Hips do not lie. They scream at us on the mat, and yet we do everything possible to avoid listening. The Sacral chakra holds our relationship issues,...

Wendy Reese
November 7 2011