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Torrie Pattillo

How I Lost 25 Pounds With Ease

Emotional eating is not something I had to just accept. Kicking the habit actually has a blueprint. I finally discovered what would help me stop...

Torrie Pattillo
August 28 2014

10 Green Smoothies That Won't Break The Bank

We've all heard of the amazing benefits of green smoothies. People everywhere are using green smoothies to transform their health. Every good...

Torrie Pattillo
July 11 2014

A Kale Salad So Good You'll Scream For Joy

A little over a year ago I adopted a plant-passionate lifestyle. I've been able to heal and renew my body, get off medication, avoid insulin,...

Torrie Pattillo
October 19 2013

10 Quotes To Give Your Life Meaning, Clarity & A Dose Of Magic

During childhood, my mom took me to the library or bookstore every single week. As I read, I always saw symbolism and deeper meaning in the text, even...

Torrie Pattillo
October 8 2013

Are You Sick Or Are You Stressed? 8 Tips To Relax And Feel Healthy

Everyone experiences stress at some point in life. Whether it's from working too many hours, a career that lacks passion, worries about finances or...

Torrie Pattillo
April 24 2013

10 Myths That May Be Damaging Your Health

Nothing gets people angrier than getting sick despite making every effort to practice preventative measures and following the advice they're...

Torrie Pattillo
April 4 2013

3 Yummy Green Juice Recipes To Convert Skeptics

Growing up, I called my mom a "food hippie." She was into natural foods, Chinese herbs, tea tree oil toothpaste, coconut oil and a plant-passionate...

Torrie Pattillo
March 19 2013