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Tonya Sheridan

6 Signs Your Life Is Total Chaos + How To Restore Balance

Inner chaos can take many forms in our outer lives, including burnout, health problems, financial distress, and relationship issues. The most...

Tonya Sheridan
March 4 2014

6 Ways to Avoid Becoming the Manifestation of Other People's Reality

When things don’t seem right or feel right to you, there’s a reason for it. If everyone around you is ok with something, but it doesn’t sit well with...

Tonya Sheridan
March 26 2012

Hoping Versus Wishing

Your future depends upon whether you are hoping or wishing.

Tonya Sheridan
August 18 2011

8 Ways Pilates Improves Your Sex Life

An important part of a healthy relationship is a great sex life. As the popularity of Pilates, a mind-body conditioning method of exercise developed...

Tonya Sheridan
July 15 2011