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Toffler Niemuth

8 Easy Ways To Combat Stress & Anxiety (In 8 Minutes Or Less)

Whether it's a tight deadline at work, planning a wedding, moving, challenges at home, or the upcoming holiday season, life can get pretty stressful....

Toffler Niemuth
November 4 2015

How To Maintain Your Ideal Weight Without Stressing About It

Losing weight is tough, though sometimes keeping it off can be harder. It's all too common to "take it easy" once you've hit your goal and go back to...

Toffler Niemuth
August 27 2015

What Kind Of Tea To Drink In The Morning, Afternoon & Evening

With so many great teas in the world to choose from, how do you decide which kind to drink? You could stick with your favorite go-to, but as a tea...

Toffler Niemuth
June 25 2015

What Your Cravings Are Telling You + How To Overcome Them

The mind and the body influence each other according to physical sensations and mental or environmental triggers. These stimuli — whether initiated in...

Toffler Niemuth
March 23 2015

What You Can Gain From The Paleo Lifestyle (No Matter How You Eat)

This real food way of eating that seeks to imitate the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate, known as the paleo diet, has been getting a lot of press...

Toffler Niemuth
March 18 2015

5 Things Slim, Healthy People Do Differently

We all know someone like this. That person who's perpetually thin and healthy, making it look effortless. And while you may chalk it up to genetics,...

Toffler Niemuth
February 16 2015

9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

You already know that tea can improve your skin and help keep you fit and trim, but did you know that it also does amazing things for your health?

Toffler Niemuth
February 4 2015

7 Reasons To Drink More Tea

You may be wondering "Why should I drink tea. Can it actually do anything for me and my health?"

Toffler Niemuth
November 1 2014