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Empaths Can Have Trouble Vocalizing Hurt Feelings: 7 Tips To Make It Easier

Your primary obligation is to meet your own needs and avoid falling into codependency.

This 3-Step Manifesting Technique Comes Psychic-Recommended

How the hero, mystic, and rebel archetypes can up your manifestation game.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
October 4 2020

Empaths In Love: A Common Relationship Block For This Personality Type

Sometimes, the need to heal can get in the way of fulfilling relationships.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
August 9 2020

Sensitivity Growth Spurts Are Real For Empaths — Here's How to Cope

Keep these 8 tips in mind during periods of increased sensitivity.

8 Unexpected Ways To Practice Gratitude That Aren't Journaling

Celebrate National Gratitude Month to increase the good vibes in your life.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
November 4 2019