Tanya Boulton

Tanya Boulton taught math and yoga to inner city high school teens for five years on the rough streets of LBC (Long Beach, California). She saw the transformative nature of yoga and wanted to make yoga accessible to the people who needed it the most. After years of intense study with Ana Forrest in Santa Monica, she took her teaching to Hong Kong then New York City, and her yoga practice pushed her to find purpose with tanya-b, to give people a medium to express themselves and create an authentic brand that matches her vision. Anna Chung spent her first career on Wall Street. She was brought to the yoga mat during the early stages of her career to find balance, and she soon began to strip down her own internal stereotypes of yoga. After 12 years of working in finance, the yoga practice gave her the courage to leave Wall Street, follow her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and yoga instructor, and in turn, encourage others to discover their true potential and create a culture of growth and leadership.