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Tamara Jacobi

6 Easy Ways To Check Your Wellness Each Morning

You’ve just crawled out of bed and have wandered into the bathroom. It’s time to get yourself ready for the day! If you’re like me, you might wash...

Tamara Jacobi
August 24 2014

Nopal Tacos With Avocado!

Prickly pear cactus, more commonly known in Mexico as nopal, is a true oasis of nutrition. This desert-loving plant offers a full range of amino acids...

Tamara Jacobi
August 12 2014

5 Secrets Of Effortless, Lasting Health

Recently at a cocktail party, a new acquaintance loudly asked me, “What are your secrets to healthy living?” Suddenly, everyone was looking at me,...

Tamara Jacobi
May 7 2014

5 Myths That Keep You From Meditating

One inspired morning I decided to meditate, so I sat cross-legged and set my timer for 15 minutes. Less than two minutes later, I rolled up my yoga...

Tamara Jacobi
March 30 2014

6 Reasons To Say Yes To Cinnamon

Just the smell of cinnamon is enough to inspire nostalgic childhood memories: sipping hot cocoa, playing in the snow, and nibbling grandma’s baked...

Tamara Jacobi
December 31 2013

Goodbye, Fitness Fads! 5 Elements Of Truly Balanced Fitness

Are you an exercise addict? Or perhaps a tad lazy? If you’re confused about what balanced fitness means, then you’re not alone.

Tamara Jacobi
October 7 2013

Yes, You Should Be Eating Greens For Breakfast!

Who says you can’t have salad for breakfast? While staying at a friend’s house recently, I woke up to a classic breakfast feast of pancakes, bagels,...

Tamara Jacobi
August 26 2013

Ready To Diversify Your Practice? Start With These 7 Fun Yoga Styles.

Ever been stuck in a yoga rut? When I first discovered yoga I focused all my attention on one teacher and one specific series of poses. I bought a...

Tamara Jacobi
August 9 2013

Gluten-Free Recipe: Post-Yoga Power Muffins

Your muscles are tingling from an intense yoga session. Your body is begging for a blast of quality, nutrient-dense protein and complex carbs to...

Tamara Jacobi
August 1 2013

How I Healed My Metabolism By Rewiring My Brain

Being athletic doesn’t necessarily mean you're healthy. I used to run for miles, restrict my caloric intake, and eat as little fat as possible. Then...

Tamara Jacobi
July 11 2013

Why Spirulina Is The Perfect Food

As an athlete, I’m always on the prowl for superfoods that not only pack a powerful nutrition punch, but also complement intense workouts, recovery...

Tamara Jacobi
June 25 2013

Use Food To Prevent & Heal Sports Injuries

You’ve been training for months, maybe even years, for the big race. Yet, a quick snap, crackle or pop and it’s game over. Instead of heading to the...

Tamara Jacobi
May 10 2013

What Athletes Need To Know About Eating Holistically

My tummy is growling as I paddle to catch another blissful wave. It’s official; I’m addicted to Stand Up Paddle Boarding. I’ve held many SUP yoga...

Tamara Jacobi
April 5 2013

How To Make Sure Your Knees Are Healthy When You're 90

Do you have happy, healthy, knees? They provide us with endless support, yet so many of us take our knees for granted. That’s no way to treat a...

Tamara Jacobi
March 22 2013

Lose Weight By Snacking

Can snacking actually help you lose weight? Potentially . . . if you’re a smart snacker!

Tamara Jacobi
November 7 2012

Healthy Fall Foods That Ground You

Your attention span is non-existent, your mind is wandering relentlessly, and you can’t quite feel the earth beneath your feet. The summer is nearly...

Tamara Jacobi
September 15 2012

Why I'm Krazy for Kimchee

Have you caught on to the healing powers of fermented foods? If you still crinkle your nose at the words “fermented” and “bacteria,” then I would beg...

Tamara Jacobi
August 6 2012

Explore Your Comfort Zone

Have you explored your comfort zone? Do you know how to push yourself gently out of your comfort zone, yet catch yourself before you cross into a...

Tamara Jacobi
July 26 2012

4 Ways to Boost an Aging Metabolism

As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down. For many, this is a rather unwelcome part of getting older; most of us aren’t thrilled with the idea...

Tamara Jacobi
July 16 2012

Nutrition Angel vs. Green Devil?

I live in the middle of a tropical jungle that is dense with a spectrum of life. Yet, in hopes of staying healthy, I often find myself ordering the...

Tamara Jacobi
July 3 2012