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Syeda Nazmi

7 Things I've Learned About Losing Weight By Watching Men Do It

I've always been intrigued by how some people can lose weight by restricting calories or following a formal diet, while others can't. In the past, I...

Syeda Nazmi
May 27 2014

7 Ways NOT To Diet For Your Wedding Day (But Still Look Great & Stay Sane)

May is here, and many ladies around us will embark on new health and fitness regimens as they prepare for either bikini or wedding season. I also...

Syeda Nazmi
May 15 2014

Does Facebook Give You Life Envy? Read This

While between jobs during the financial crisis several years ago I had lost my daily routine of going to work, attending meetings and being surrounded...

Syeda Nazmi
April 30 2014

5 Reasons I'm Happy I Grew Up Chubby

I've recently been strutting around in my apartment after the gym in a sports bra to proudly show off the beginnings of my two-pack abs. My husband...

Syeda Nazmi
April 27 2014

6 Reasons Getting Married In Your 20s Is Awesome

The average American is now getting married at 29 — a historic high, up from 23 for women and 26 for men in 1990. I got married at 26, and my husband...

Syeda Nazmi
April 15 2014

How I Lost 60 Pounds Without Dieting Or Eliminating Food Groups

Growing up in a Bangladeshi family where food was a way to show love, I had always been chubby. In college, I discovered booze and Domino's Pizza at...

Syeda Nazmi
April 1 2014