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Summer Rayne Oakes

Here's The Perfect Houseplant For You, Based On Your Home's Size & Light

Plus, a guide to choosing the right plant based on your space and lifestyle.

Summer Rayne Oakes
July 9 2019

6 Habits Of A Plant-Care Expert

From someone who has over 600 houseplants in her apartment.

Summer Rayne Oakes
February 11 2018

How To Save $2,000 A Year By Cooking

What would you do right now if you had extra $2000 in your pocket?

Summer Rayne Oakes
November 13 2015

6 Steps To Help Your Loved Ones Eat Healthier

When embarking on a sugar detox, you can't help but have at least a few conversations with people about healthy eating. A few weeks ago one of my very...

Summer Rayne Oakes
February 16 2015

4 Guaranteed Benefits Of Going On A Sugar Detox

The start of a New Year is a perfect opportunity to start afresh, which is as good a reason as any to do another round of a Sugar Detox. After...

Summer Rayne Oakes
January 7 2015

The Best Plants To Detox The Air In Your Home

There are many benefits to having plants in our home and office environments.

Summer Rayne Oakes
August 2 2013

8 Easiest Plants To Grow In Your Home

I’ve found growing plants in my home has inspired many of my friends to want to follow suit. Many admit that they would love to have plants in their...

Summer Rayne Oakes
July 26 2013

DIY: Build A Mason Jar Herb Garden

My dad gave me a hard time for not having any edibles on the vertical garden that I had just installed in my bedroom. Naturally, I asked him if he...

Summer Rayne Oakes
July 18 2013

8 Tips For Keeping Your Relationships Exciting

No matter what way you slice it, relationships with significant others always require work. Even the best ones can grow a little too… well…...

Summer Rayne Oakes
June 13 2013