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Stacy Michelle

7 Tips To Live A Passionate Life When Fear Is Holding You Back

I believe that every single one of us was put on this planet so we can live a life that aligns with our hearts daily.

Stacy Michelle
February 19 2015

7 Tips For Anyone About To Take A Leap Of Faith

In my 20s, I was a corporate robot. For me, yoga was a gateway drug to studying energy and consciousness and that’s when I started to chart my own...

Stacy Michelle
June 6 2014

6 Ways To Manifest The Life You Want

'Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions! We get super excited to start the year by eating right, hitting the gym, setting our monthly budgets, and...

Stacy Michelle
January 5 2014

How To Let Go Of The Past & Heal A Broken Heart

For many years, I was a guarded chick. I always wore black, and although I blended right in with other NYC women, it also reflected my stoicism. I ran...

Stacy Michelle
December 10 2013

How Balancing Your Chakras Can Help Your Finances

In my view, financial wellness comes from the inside. It comes from getting aligned with the abilities that make you special, and sharing those skills...

Stacy Michelle
November 22 2013

3 Easy Ways To Deal With People Who Bring You Down

You LOVE your friends and family bunches, but after spending all day with them, they morph into energy vampires! These creatures will leave you...

Stacy Michelle
October 10 2013

How I Got Fertile At 34

My popularity peaked in elementary school when I was one of the “cool girls.” That ended at 13 when I got a haircut and a perm. Although that was the...

Stacy Michelle
September 26 2013

How Your Chakras Can Help You Find True Love

Like many New York professional women, I had a psychologist. For many years, we logically processed my mommy and daddy issues and how they were...

Stacy Michelle
August 27 2013

5 Ways To Let Go Of Expired Relationships

I was a robot for most of my life, completely walled off from my emotions. My weekday programming was work, sleep, repeat; on the weekends it was...

Stacy Michelle
August 21 2013

How To Find Your Purpose When You're Scared Out Of Your Mind

Within two months of my liberation from my comfy six-figure job corporate job, I turned down two job offers. For the first time in my life, I let go...

Stacy Michelle
August 1 2013

What Your Chakras Have To Do With Emotions In Yoga

It's been a long day and you're ready to seek solace on your yoga mat – woo-hoo! Forty-five minutes into class, your yoga instructor tells you to...

Stacy Michelle
July 8 2013

5 Tips To Conquer Binge Eating

Living in the Big Apple in my 20s, there was always a party to be had. But there was one party where I was the sole invitee, surrounded by my choice...

Stacy Michelle
June 15 2013

5 Tips To Radically Change Your Life

I was a rigid, well-paid corporate road warrior who hid behind numbers and airplanes to avoid vulnerability and love. Over the past few years, I did a...

Stacy Michelle
June 1 2013

Clear Out The Internal Clutter That's Holding You Back

Spring is here, a time to rejuvenate and renew. At this time of year, we're given many tips on how to tidy up our messy apartments, but we can also...

Stacy Michelle
April 16 2013

If We Can’t Love Ourselves, We Sure As Heck Can’t Be Present For Anyone Else

Hello, I am Stacy and I am a recovering perfectionist. I was a robot teenager, not scoring an A did not compute….I was rigid, serious, deemed “proper”...

Stacy Michelle
March 21 2013

6 Ways To Deal With A Breakup Mindfully

At some point in our lives, we all deal with ending a relationship with someone we love. Currently, I am going through the process and, let’s get...

Stacy Michelle
January 29 2013

How My Breakup Taught Me To Love Myself

Most of my adult life has been spent with emotionally unavailable men. Actually, “maniacs” was the phrase I'd use for them. Here one day, gone the...

Stacy Michelle
January 12 2013

5 Ways To Live The Life You Want In 2013

45% of us make New Year’s resolutions and 8% will be successful in keeping them, according to a recent study from the University of Scranton’s Journal...

Stacy Michelle
January 1 2013

5 Ways to Keep Cool Around Your Family During Family Holidays

'Tis the season to spend time with family members—young, old, perfectly sane, or completely crazy. Personally, I continue to contemplate whether...

Stacy Michelle
December 22 2012