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Stacy Silvera

Healthy Foods to Fuel an Awesome Yoga Practice

Besides your state of mind, the number one thing that can affect your yoga practice is inner inflammation. Our bodies send out many signals when it is...

Stacy Silvera
June 17 2011

Are Your Foods Affecting Your Practice? Part One

My 13-year-old self came to yoga to be transported to another world, where the worries of this one faded away. Yeah, right.

Stacy Silvera
June 14 2011

Conscientious Carnivores: 5 Reasons to Fight the Factory

Many of us are aware of the ethical reasons to stop supporting factory farming (check out documentaries Food Inc or Earthlings for more). Yet what...

Stacy Silvera
June 2 2011

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Plant-Based Protein

We've heard it before from the hard bodied men and women in fitness magazines, all promoting a regiment of five small meals a day with "clean burning"...

Stacy Silvera
May 16 2011