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Silvia Mordini

10 Things I've Learned About Yoga From 20 Years Of Teaching

After 20 years of teaching yoga, I know that there are certain challenges that any new yoga teacher will face. I only wish I'd known this when I...

Silvia Mordini
March 24 2015

Yes, You Can Succeed As A Yoga Teacher. Here's How

In the decade that I've led yoga teacher training programs, I've found that students who have the greatest potential often display a distinct...

Silvia Mordini
February 25 2015

31 Affirmations That Can Transform Your Life

Affirmation simply works. We really can influence our bodies and feelings with techniques designed to hone the mind, like meditation.

Silvia Mordini
November 17 2014

10 Ways To Get A Happier Outlook On Life

Trying to change our perspective for ourselves is not easy. After all, the way we think mirrors how we see our lives. This process of self-reflection...

Silvia Mordini
February 28 2014

Why Your Last Mistake Is Your Best Teacher

Learning is trial and error. Making mistakes doesn’t make us less capable, because making an effort in life also brings failures. On the mat, yoga is...

Silvia Mordini
February 5 2014

25 Tips To Make Kindness Your Superpower!

My poet’s heart has always been soft, and I tend to err on the side of being more kind than necessary. This has always been misunderstood and...

Silvia Mordini
September 2 2013

A Quick Checklist For Getting Along With Other People

Human beings are tribal in nature. Being raised in community is part of our social evolution. With the exception of the occasional Tarzan, we're...

Silvia Mordini
April 9 2013

15 Favorite Lessons From The Four Agreements

From an early age, I remember being diligent about following the rules. I wanted to do things “right” and never get in trouble. I was great at...

Silvia Mordini
April 3 2013

5 Benefits Of Kissing + Top 10 Reasons To Kiss

There are actual Kiss Scientists who study kissing.

Silvia Mordini
February 20 2013

Smile! 5 Reasons It Will Make You Happy

The "fake it til you make it" philosophy may actually have some merit.

Silvia Mordini
February 11 2013

Are You Addicted To Chaos And Drama?

Be honest with yourself: do you crave chaos or stability?

Silvia Mordini
January 15 2013

5 Reasons to Be Kind

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

Silvia Mordini
October 12 2012

5 Things to Consider Before Leading a Yoga Retreat

I have just finished co-leading another successful retreat in Tuscany, one of ten this year, and I’m laying the groundwork for a July 2013 Amalfi...

Silvia Mordini
August 5 2012

Yoga Teachers: How to Write a Kickass Bio

Smart, authentic bios are essential for any yoga teacher. These are used on your personal postcards, flyers and website. The studios or gyms you teach...

Silvia Mordini
July 27 2012

5 Reasons to Go On a Complaint-Free Diet

Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Low-Carb, Fat-Free, MSG-Free. But what about a mental diet?

Silvia Mordini
July 25 2012

25 Things I Am Still Learning

I wear a silver bracelet on my left wrist with the words “Ancora Imparo.” Michelangelo spoke those words when he was 78 years old. In English, it...

Silvia Mordini
July 12 2012

5 Ways Honesty Can Make You Happy

It's a spiritual truth that true happiness requires honest self-reflection. The more honest you are with yourself, the greater happiness you will...

Silvia Mordini
May 31 2012

What Is Advanced Yoga? (From a Recovering Pose Junkie)

We may be able to do three hours of yoga...but may not be advancing into a nicer person.

Silvia Mordini
May 11 2012