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3 Tips To Stop Getting Distracted By Your Cellphone All The Time

Think for a moment about the greatest sources of your daily distraction. For me, it’s my smart phone, email and surfing the web. Likely you’re no...

Silvia Mordini
May 18 2015

10 Things I've Learned About Yoga From 20 Years Of Teaching

After 20 years of teaching yoga, I know that there are certain challenges that any new yoga teacher will face. I only wish I'd known this when I...

Silvia Mordini
March 24 2015

9 Tips To Unwind That Don't Cost A Dime

We live in a chaotic world where stress is unavoidable. And we inadvertently add to this stress through gadgets (like cell phones and iPads) that feed...

Silvia Mordini
March 18 2015

Yes, You Can Succeed As A Yoga Teacher. Here's How

In the decade that I've led yoga teacher training programs, I've found that students who have the greatest potential often display a distinct...

Silvia Mordini
February 25 2015

3 Reasons To Try Meditation With A Mala

These days, my friends may notice that my wrists and neck are covered with multiple strands of mala beads that I've discovered on my travels. However,...

Silvia Mordini
January 17 2015

10 Great Reasons To Develop A Gratitude Habit

Happy people actively exercise gratitude, choosing to live with an attitude of gratitude. They don't buy into what geneticists say, that we have an...

Silvia Mordini
December 1 2014

31 Affirmations That Can Transform Your Life

Affirmation simply works. We really can influence our bodies and feelings with techniques designed to hone the mind, like meditation.

Silvia Mordini
November 17 2014

How To Make Yourself More Likable

I never thought in terms of “likes” until I joined Facebook five years ago. This simple word “like” has reframed my perspective, and I have a...

Silvia Mordini
July 26 2014

Why You Should Try Growing A Compassion Garden

While gardening the other day, I was struck by how much we need to be simultaneously gentle and creative with plants, just as we must be in life. One...

Silvia Mordini
May 27 2014

10 Ways To Get A Happier Outlook On Life

Trying to change our perspective for ourselves is not easy. After all, the way we think mirrors how we see our lives. This process of self-reflection...

Silvia Mordini
February 28 2014

Why Your Last Mistake Is Your Best Teacher

Learning is trial and error. Making mistakes doesn’t make us less capable, because making an effort in life also brings failures. On the mat, yoga is...

Silvia Mordini
February 5 2014

10 Inspiring Quotes For The Terminally Weird

Fitting in is overrated. Even if you get really good at it, whatever you think you win as a result isn’t really a prize worth winning. So let me say...

Silvia Mordini
January 22 2014

3 Ways You Could Be Procrastinating & Not Even Realize It

It’s time to confess: I’m an expert procrastinator. Phew, that took a long time to say. (Pun intended.)

Silvia Mordini
November 22 2013

25 Tips To Make Kindness Your Superpower!

My poet’s heart has always been soft, and I tend to err on the side of being more kind than necessary. This has always been misunderstood and...

Silvia Mordini
September 2 2013

Why You're Not Really Stuck (Even When You Think You Are)

Throughout my life the spiritual truth that has resonated with me was one of unevenness, the concept that we do not grow at the same rate in all areas...

Silvia Mordini
June 26 2013

Why Having Faith Is The Only Option When The Going Gets Tough

How good are you at keeping promises? Keeping promises is a demonstration of our ability to be faithful. Just like you, I’ve broken promises to myself...

Silvia Mordini
June 17 2013

How To Get More Energy: Release, Recycle, Reuse

Why do certain people require more sleep to feel rested while others can get away with far less? When I was 10 years old I asked my mom about her...

Silvia Mordini
June 10 2013

25 Things I've Learned From Pain & Heartbreak

In my article 25 Things I Am Still Learning, I wrote about my life philosophy: Ancora Imparo — I am still learning. These words, attributed to...

Silvia Mordini
April 24 2013