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Shannon Kaiser

How I Finally Overcame My Struggle With Anxiety After 20 Years

Plus, the daily mantra that helps me stay aligned and balanced.

Shannon Kaiser
March 25

Anxiety Landed Me In The Hospital: This Spiritual Tool Helped Me Cope

I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and stop obsessing about things I couldn't control.

Shannon Kaiser
November 23 2021

A 2-Minute Vibrational Healing Meditation For Finding Inner Peace

"If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration."

Shannon Kaiser
August 9 2021

What We Need To Know About Suicide When There Are No Warning Signs

"The goal is giving people who suffer a voice and allowing them to be heard."

Shannon Kaiser
June 12 2018

The Mantras That Helped Me Recover From Anxiety & Depression

The simple words that let one woman to totally reclaim her life.

Shannon Kaiser
February 14 2018

Why I'm Solo Traveling For 365 Days Straight

You get to choose your fears. Don’t let them choose you.

Shannon Kaiser
January 27 2018