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Sarah Starr

Stressed Out? Good. Let It Catapult You

What do you do when things don’t go your way? You don’t get the call back for a job, your child gets sick right before the big trip, your mate doesn’t...

Sarah Starr
December 24 2012

Relationship, Not Sinking Ship

Is it possible to have a good relationship even if you believe you are opposites? Do you think you need to change your partner in order to be happy?

Sarah Starr
July 18 2012

How to Use Your Breath to Overcome Anxiety

Have you ever noticed your breath is like your best friend? The breath is always there for you, ready to pick you up when you are feeling overwhelmed....

Sarah Starr
May 19 2012

How Do You Win Fear Factor? Breathe and...

Does your fear own you? What if it's time to look deeper and allow space, rather than resisting? If you let your fears go, how much more ease would...

Sarah Starr
May 10 2012

Creating a New Relationship with Food

Why are there bookshelves full of every diet and weight loss plan conceivable? What is the easiest way to navigate through all the ideas and beliefs...

Sarah Starr
April 30 2012

Does Your Past Still Rule Your Life?

Are you ready to create a life without fear or judgment? What would it take to let go of the past and discover what else is possible?

Sarah Starr
April 19 2012

Your Body Doesn't Need to Be "Wrong"

It can take courage to be honest with ourselves when we say we want to change. Healthy change requires vulnerability and the ability to embrace what...

Sarah Starr
April 11 2012

4 Methods of Stress Relief to Match Your Personality

While many burnout risk factors have to do with work conditions and lifestyle, your response to stress can intensify your experience, making you more...

Sarah Starr
April 4 2012

6 Tips to Befriend The Ego

What keeps most of us from taking action is the thought or the false evidence appearing real (FEAR). It's not about what needs to be done in the...

Sarah Starr
March 27 2012

3 Myths About Stress That You Need to Know

It doesn't matter if you're a firefighter, a farmer, a clerk or a kindergarten teacher, these days everyone complains about stress. As much as we all...

Sarah Starr
March 21 2012

3 Tips for Creating More Space in Your Life

Slowing down an overly busy schedule will feel strange at first. The transition from a frantic pace to a slower rhythm may be completely foreign. I...

Sarah Starr
March 13 2012

4 Clues the Breath Offers to Create Awareness in Your Everyday Life

Did you know that each day, a quarter of a million people miss work because of stress? And, 75% of all illnesses are thought to be stress related. As...

Sarah Starr
March 7 2012

Questions to Confound Your Judgment

If you can choose acceptance of what is, ease follows. It is only when we are in judgment of what we "think"should be happening that we get stuck in...

Sarah Starr
February 28 2012

Potato Chips & Mindfulness

Have you ever starting eating a bag of chips and then noticed only a few tiny crumbs left at the bottom? How about the awkward pause in conversation...

Sarah Starr
February 20 2012