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Sarah Rusca Cline

My Husband Cheated On Me. Here's How I Recovered

"My own life was a dirty little secret, it was a lie, and it was a sham."

Sarah Rusca Cline
November 9 2016

6 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Married A Cheater

"Cheating is not a mistake. Cheating is a choice."

Sarah Rusca Cline
October 5 2016

14 Essential Qualities Of Lasting Love

These days, it can seem like there are happy couples everywhere you look: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, even walking down the street.

Sarah Rusca Cline
July 7 2016

6 Signs It's Time To Have A Serious Conversation About Your Relationship

The following six relationship red flags should be taken seriously and addressed quickly. You may find that when you put in the work to fix them...

Sarah Rusca Cline
February 1 2016

I Knew My Boyfriend Was Cheating On Me. Here's Why I Married Him Anyway

Months after my then-fiancé proposed, he revealed that he'd been unfaithful for the last four years of our relationship. I was devastated — my happily...

Sarah Rusca Cline
November 9 2015