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Sarah Jenks

The Mental Shifts That Helped Me Effortlessly Lose 4 Dress Sizes & Regain My Confidence

There's an overwhelming pressure for new mothers to bounce back to their "pre-baby" body. Don’t even get me started on the number of products —...

Sarah Jenks
November 12 2015

How To Feel Great Naked

I remember when I used to stand in front of the mirror before a shower, shocked that my boyfriend actually found me attractive. Couldn't he see the...

Sarah Jenks
March 24 2015

How To Make New Friends ('Cause You Only See Your Old Ones At Weddings!)

In my signature program, Live More Weigh Less Mastery, I help women identify voids in their life that they're filling with food. To my surprise,...

Sarah Jenks
September 5 2013

If You Won’t Let Him See You Naked...

When I first graduated from college, a few years before I founded my company, Live More Weigh Less, I was living in NYC with my boyfriend in a 300...

Sarah Jenks
April 9 2013