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Sarah Herrington

Kids Yoga Book Review: Sophia's Jungle Adventure

I’m always on the lookout for new books and materials to share with little yogis in kids yoga class. Kids are learning sponges and, while some...

Sarah Herrington
October 25 2012

4 Lessons from My Injured 'Toe Guru'

You hear it all the time in yoga land: your injuries are your greatest teachers. So, when I needed foot surgery to rehabilitate and reset a frozen big...

Sarah Herrington
July 26 2012

5 Sanity Spots in NYC (Besides Yoga Studios)

You know the drill. Get off the Greyhound, Amtrak, Virgin America flight and touch the electric streets with one or both feet, get moving. Get...

Sarah Herrington
May 10 2012

4 Kid Poses for Springtime Yoga

It's spring! And that means new beginnings for flowers, trees, and you. What better way to celebrate the change of season than by doing some...

Sarah Herrington
March 29 2012

What Adult Yogis Can Learn From Kid Yogis

The teacher said, "When you hear the bell, stop look and listen!" The teacher may have been yours, back in your first grade class. The teacher might...

Sarah Herrington
February 10 2012

School Yoga and School Lunch: Friends or Foes?

One of the things I was initially shocked by when going into the public school system to share yoga with students was the way school lunches have not...

Sarah Herrington
January 13 2012

5 Essentials for Your Kids Yoga Kit

Congratulations! You've completed your kids' yoga teacher training and are on your way to teach your first kids yoga class. So other than your lesson...

Sarah Herrington
December 1 2011

Kids Yoga - Thanksgiving Style!

It's Thanksgiving! And as we all know, gratitude is a major practice in yoga. Here's how you can incorporate gratitude into a fun, Thanksgiving-themed...

Sarah Herrington
November 23 2011

What Schools Don't Know About Yoga

This week I learned a big lesson: while more schools are thankfully catching onto why yoga is a good curriculum addition, many schools still need to...

Sarah Herrington
November 16 2011

Yoga Adventures in Babysitting

I chatted with Alexa Woods, a NYC yogi and babysitter who has found bringing yoga to the kids she babysits helps them to all bond and get along, while...

Sarah Herrington
September 8 2011

Real World Meditation Tips from NYC Teens

What if you can't get to a cushion, meditation center, or yoga studio, but need to touch down into the present moment and connect with yourself? You...

Sarah Herrington
August 15 2011

Take a Deep Breath: Pranayama For Teens

I remember reading an article as a teen about "learning how to breathe." At the time I didn't get it... wasn't I already breathing? Weren't we all?...

Sarah Herrington
July 26 2011

Kids: Compassion + Curiosity

"He's beautiful. Does he like me?"

Sarah Herrington
July 11 2011

Kids Yoga Summer OMwork!

Remember those summer reading lists your teacher would give you for the following year? Well, I like to give summer Omwork (note: OMwork is much more...

Sarah Herrington
June 29 2011

Kid Yogis Talk: Why Yoga Rocks

I'm always telling everyone about the benefits of yoga for children. Studies show (and my experience teaching tells me) that yoga helps kids...

Sarah Herrington
June 16 2011

5 Reasons Kids Yoga Is Good for Schools

It may seem "new" or "alternative" to some, but I see kids yoga as having a very practical place in schools. How so?

Sarah Herrington
May 4 2011

5 Reasons You Should Teach Kids Yoga

I enjoy teaching kids yoga so much, I think you should consider it, too! Especially if.....

Sarah Herrington
April 19 2011

Kids Yoga Playlist: Sarah Herrington

I love reading teacher's yoga playlists, so I thought I'd share a kid's yoga playlist. Kids need music, too! This playlist is great for the 5-10 age...

Sarah Herrington
April 15 2011

Yoga and Creativity!

Maybe you started exploring yoga because of a physical injury or a broken heart. Maybe you wanted to become less stressed, stronger, more at peace....

Sarah Herrington
March 24 2011

Bringing Your Yoga to the Office?

A lot of my work has been to bring yoga into schools and to youth, but another place in need of deep breaths, relaxation and reinvigoration is the...

Sarah Herrington
February 22 2011