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Sara Seinberg

You Don't Have To Eat Kale To Be Healthy (But You Do Need Some Fun)

Being healthy is, at its core, about PLEASURE. As soon as you find yourself coming at health from a place of deprivation, look for a new path, a...

Sara Seinberg
October 30 2013

Vegan Recipe: Creamy Cilantro Soup With Japanese Sweet Potato

I've learned a great many tools for keeping desperation at bay in my life, especially around food, and I've built a pretty impressive arsenal of...

Sara Seinberg
August 12 2013

How To Approach Money Like A Wellness Warrior

Each season I lead groups in a whole foods cleanse to help them regain a healthy dialogue with their bodies. After the toxins and the bloat and the...

Sara Seinberg
July 31 2013

Why Practicing Failure Will Help You Be Happier

I am a reluctant and deeply untalented runner. This beautiful fact is the main reason I can practice being bad at something and just do it anyhow. For...

Sara Seinberg
July 10 2013

Road Trips, Camping & Hotels: 5 Tips For Healthy Adventuring

Road trips and camping and picnics galore! The sun is out and folks are getting freaky with the Vitamin D. I love the humanity thaw in the spring....

Sara Seinberg
May 9 2013

How To Cope During A Crisis

I came home from a trip to Italy on the night of April 13. I spent the 14th in a state of jet lag and macchiato withdrawal, nursing quite a headache...

Sara Seinberg
April 20 2013

Detoxing Is No Joke! 5 Tips To Rock Your Next Cleanse

Although I lead a cleanse every season, Spring is The Big Poppa of them all. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Spring is the season...

Sara Seinberg
March 23 2013

Thanks, Jerk! What You Can Learn From Folks Who Drive You Nuts

You've been looking forward to a party for three weeks. Finally the night is here: you look fantastic, and you feel great. Then you spot your ex-boss,...

Sara Seinberg
March 10 2013

Yes, It's The Sugar, And Here's How To Kick The Habit

Sugar is taking a public beating this week, as the internet is crammed with articles on why to avoid it, including Michael Moss's fascinating New York...

Sara Seinberg
March 1 2013

Your Plan To Avoid Eating Your Feelings During the Holidays

Nothing brings up a bevvy of impulses to eat our feelings like the holidays! This time of year features an arsenal of emotional eating prompts, from...

Sara Seinberg
December 24 2012

The Sweet 16 of Holistic Stress Reduction

Ferris Bueller said it best: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” With so much to see, so...

Sara Seinberg
August 27 2012