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Rosie Osmun

Why Your Sleep Habits Might Be Making You Gain Weight

You know that what you put in your body and how active you are affects your weight, but there’s an important piece of puzzle you may be missing:...

Rosie Osmun
July 1 2015

What’s More Important: Exercise Or Sleep?

You know that getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise are both essential for good health. But when you’re short on time or are feeling tired,...

Rosie Osmun
May 20 2015

The Best Time Of Day To Work Out If You Want To Get Good Sleep

We’ve all heard the myth that exercising late in the day can leave you too amped up to fall asleep. But what happens if morning workouts just don’t...

Rosie Osmun
May 9 2015

7 Evening Habits To Help You Sleep Like A Baby

Waking up refreshed, well rested and ready to take on the day truly is one of life’s simple pleasures. But, while sweet dreams and great night’s sleep...

Rosie Osmun
April 6 2015

The Best Way To Help Kids Get A Good Night's Sleep

There are few kids in America who don't have ready access to a television, computer, tablet, smartphone or other gadgets, which may spell trouble for...

Rosie Osmun
March 21 2015

5 Things Our Prehistoric Ancestors Can Teach Us About Sleep

Our caveman ancestors didn't just eat right, they knew how to sleep right, too. From moving around on foot for most of the day to spending lots of...

Rosie Osmun
February 20 2015

This Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Optimize Your Workout

Most people working on personal fitness goals know diet is an important partner to exercise, but did you know that sleep also plays a critical role?...

Rosie Osmun
January 15 2015