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Robert Augustus Masters, PhD

How To Get A Grip On Your Jealousy

Of all the emotions that we find painful, jealousy is probably the one that stabs most sharply. Though it can be subtle, a faintly stabbing flicker —...

Why Being Committed Can Bring You Freedom

In any commitment, we are making a choice not to make a bunch of other choices. That is, we are embracing a particular set of limitations. In a...

Robert Augustus Masters
September 17 2013

How To Deal With Yourself When You're Jealous

If we are habituated to give love only when we’re already being loved and feeling loved, we will be hit especially hard by jealousy. When we depend on...

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD
September 16 2013

What Is Emotional Intimacy & Why Should We Care?

To be intimate with our emotions is no small undertaking; doing so requires far more than simply being able to openly express and talk about them.

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD
September 13 2013

How To Set Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries protect what needs to be protected. Such boundaries say a “no” that makes possible a deeper, more authentic yes.

Robert Augustus Masters, PhD
September 11 2013