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Rob Weiss

Men & Women Have Fundamentally Different Perspectives On Sex: Here's The Reason

Turns out, men might not actually want sex more than women—they just want it for different reasons.

Rob Weiss
September 20 2017

5 Secrets To Making Online Dating Work For You (According To A Couples Therapist)

"The most important tip for successful dating (and even successful hooking up) is to be honest in your profile and your online interactions."

Rob Weiss
August 24 2017

4 Signs You Need To Rethink Your Boundaries

Are you too trusting (or not trusting enough)? Find out what that says about your boundaries.

Rob Weiss
August 7 2017

Do You Have Sexual Integrity? Here's What It Means + How To Tell

The best part of sexual integrity is that when you are honest and open about your sexual life, risking vulnerability by revealing your deepest desires...

Rob Weiss
July 10 2017

How Porn Actually Affects Your Relationship (According To Science)

Is porn actually bad for your relationship? And, if so, how much is too much?

Rob Weiss
July 4 2017

4 Flirting Tips Proven To Actually WORK

"I could totally go for some you right now."

Rob Weiss
June 6 2017

Is Cheating Ever OK? A Sex Therapist Explains

THIS is the difference between cheating and ethical nonmonogamy. Take notes.

Rob Weiss
May 20 2017

4 Ways To Guarantee A Messy Breakup

These pitfalls can sneak up on you, but you'll inevitably wish you'd sidestepped them. Keep your eyes peeled for these tricky spots if you want a...

Rob Weiss
February 9 2017

3 Secrets To Getting Exactly What You Want Out Of Dating

It might feel like some great, cosmic mystery, but dating really isn't all that complicated. Here's all it takes to get in, get out, and get what you...

Rob Weiss
January 14 2017

Love Versus Lust: Here's What You Need To Know

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't be in physical pain after a breakup. You can. Here's the biology that makes it happen.

Rob Weiss
December 6 2016

How (And When) To Tell Your Significant Other You're In Therapy

"At the end of the day, a person who would dump you simply because you have some problems that you're actively addressing is probably not the loving,...

Rob Weiss
November 17 2016

How To Spot The Sneaky Form Of Psychological Manipulation Psychopaths Rely On

"One of the most disturbing facets of gaslighting is that everyone is vulnerable—even incredibly intelligent and emotionally stable individuals."

Rob Weiss
October 26 2016

3 Ways To Be Happier Right This Instant

Over the course of many years my colleague Brené Brown has interviewed tens of thousands of people, and she has found one primary difference between...

Rob Weiss
September 22 2016

4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself If You Ever Want To Find Your Ideal Partner

If you're asking the right questions, when the right person does finally come along, you'll be able to recognize it that much sooner.

Rob Weiss
August 24 2016

What You Really Need To Know About Men & Sex

"Among women, emotions and interconnectivity are seen as valued parts of the sexual act. Among men, feelings and connections are viewed as potential...

Rob Weiss
August 1 2016

6 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is not defined by who or what turns you on. Self-loathing people may seek out sex addiction treatment hoping that it will change their...

Rob Weiss
July 6 2016

Are You Dating A Sex Addict? Here's How To Tell

I want to clarify this, once and for all: Sexual addiction has nothing whatsoever to do with who or what it is that turns you on. So being gay or into...

Rob Weiss
June 15 2016