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Rebecca Urban

Happiness Is an Inside Job

The other morning when I woke up my mind was spinning about life, love, family, friends and most importantly, happiness. Making the continual inquiry...

Rebecca Urban
March 19 2012

All I Want for Christmas Is... "What I HAVE?!"

Picture a child waiting in line to see Santa. Once the jitters subside, the ritual always begins with the same question, "What do you want for...

Rebecca Urban
December 19 2011

Upgrade Mind & Body By Downloading in Retreat

You know that mildly annoying interruption when your computer blinks to update your system? You can opt to "shut down, update and restart," or "remind...

Rebecca Urban
September 26 2011

A Yogi in a State of Fear

For my first year anniversary of teaching yoga, I gave myself a gift. In September 2001, I travelled to New York City for a month of practice with...

Rebecca Urban
September 9 2011