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Rebecca Leffler

Plant-Based Twists On French Bistro Classics

French cuisine is about eating seasonally, slowly, mindfully and in moderation, and enjoying very balanced plates of food.

Rebecca Leffler
March 7 2015

DIY: Antioxidant-Packed Avocado-Spirulina Face Mask

Give that exquisite epidermis of yours a makeover using your favorite foods au naturel. Try these DIY skin treatment that will make your skin glow on...

Rebecca Leffler
January 19 2015

A Green Smoothie To Help You Detox Decadently

Step away from the juice cleanse. Don't call your sugar sponsor — contrary to popular belief, dates, bananas and apples are NOT the enemy. And, hate...

Rebecca Leffler
January 14 2015

Creamy Carrot, Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup

Step aside, French onion soup and au revoir, buttery bisque! This creamy soup with lentil topping is a great meal during this season of transition...

Rebecca Leffler
March 13 2014

10 Scary-Looking Foods That Are Actually Great For You

Are you spooked out by some of the so-called “health” foods out there?

Rebecca Leffler
October 23 2013

Confessions of a Perfectionist: 6 Ways Yoga Is Great for Type-A Personalities

As Marc Holzman always says, “Yoga serves you so that you can go on to serve others.”

Rebecca Leffler
September 30 2012