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Rebecca Butler

11 Signs You Need A Spiritual Detox & How To Make It Happen

Just like the body, the soul needs the occasional cleansing.

Rebecca Butler
July 6 2015

11 Things I Want To Say To My 16-Year-Old Self

If I could speak to that 16-year-old girl, the one bound up in fear of what others think, in fear of her own family life, in fear of never making a...

Rebecca Butler
July 21 2014

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Yoga

When you teach yoga for a living, you see and hear many things that kind of blow your mind. So I've been inspired to create a list to share with the...

Rebecca Butler
February 27 2014

8 Steps To Invite Miracles Into Your Life

We all want to feel unending enthusiasm and love for life. We all long for miracles. What if they're easier to invoke than you think? Recently, I...

Rebecca Butler
February 4 2014

What I Learned When My Life Unraveled

I got married too early. I was 23 when I tied the knot. At 24, I started panicking in the shower. It was a maddening experience. I wanted to just take...

Rebecca Butler
December 18 2013

What I Told A Group Of Middle Schoolers About Joy

I had the opportunity today to do something I’ve dreamed of for a long time: a local school asked me to speak to middle school students on Positivity...

Rebecca Butler
October 8 2013

Why You Need To Feel Everything, Even Pain

One of my favorite themes to teach on the yoga mat is to “Stay in Feeling.” This is a tool that serves us both on and off the mat. We often morph into...

Rebecca Butler
August 5 2013

Why I'm Trying To Fall In Love With My Thighs

I’ve been on a mission of late. I’m working to develop a love affair with my inner thighs.

Rebecca Butler
March 9 2013