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Rachelle Tratt

Rachelle Tratt is an international yoga teacher, and founder of The Neshama Project. The Neshama Project was started in honor of Rachelle's late mother, Nicole, who fell in love in Israel in 1973.  The Neshama Project brings back opal hamsa necklaces from Israel to the states. Neshama means Soul in hebrew, and Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol that represents love, joy, and good luck.  This hamsa is a tool to support and educate the world at large about various organizations doing important work in the world. Rachelle has been traveling to and from Israel for the past 2 years, as it holds a special place in her heart, and is her connection with her mother.  It is Rachelle's mission in life is to spread soul to various communities around the world, one yoga class, and one hamsa at a time.  Ten percent of each necklace goes to support The Jewish Heart for Africa, a global organization that brings Israeli technology and innovation to save lives of those in rural African villages.  Rachelle is spending the summer teaching yoga in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, eating a lot of hummus, and writing about her adventures and love story with Israel in her Blog, Hummus Belly; A Love Story.

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