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Puja Madan

You Can't Have A Mindful Life Unless You Have These 3 Things

Mindfulness meditation is getting a lot of well-deserved attention in 2014. TIME magazine’s February cover story is about mindfulness, the search for...

Puja Madan
February 21 2014

4 Things Women Need To Stop Apologizing For

How often do the words I'm sorry spill out of your mouth? If you're a woman, you're likely to apologize way more than your male counterparts.

Puja Madan
December 6 2013

Easy Ways To Detox This Weekend (And They Don't Involve Juicing!)

There's a tangible relationship between the life we desire and the clutter in our life. Manifestation requires movement, movement requires space, and...

Puja Madan
July 18 2013

6 Tips to Cook Quick, Creative, Fulfilling Meals

“I don't know how to cook”

Puja Madan
July 5 2012

5 Benefits Of Bawling Your Eyes Out

We don't cry enough. Men and women, both. Our culture is hard on those who show their soft, vulnerable side. If women cry, they do so apologetically,...

Puja Madan
June 18 2012