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Panache Desai

I Believe The Law Of Attraction Is BS: Here's How I Manifested Everything I've Ever Wanted

You are here to share something meaningful, and when you align with that purpose, the universe grants you the tools necessary to help you share your...

Panache Desai
May 10 2017

3 Beliefs You Must Internalize Before You Find Your Life's Purpose

As human beings, we are always on a quest for fulfillment, which many of us often think of in terms of our own individual purpose in this world. Yet...

Panache Desai
June 5 2015

5 Ways To Live According To Your True Purpose

There is a yearning that exists inside all of us — a hunger, a subtle gnawing awareness that there is something more. It is your wish to find your...

Panache Desai
April 10 2015