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A 20-Minute Do-Anywhere Workout To Boost Your Metabolism All Day

This 20-minute, equipment-free workout will seriously rev up your metabolism.

Nora Tobin
June 16 2016

A 4-Exercise HIIT Workout You Can Do In 5 Minutes

A great way to get in shape is with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This effective training not only boosts endorphins but builds lean...

Nora Tobin
January 28 2016

A 16-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Even if you have no time for fitness, I'm certain you can find at least 16 minutes for this quick, four-exercise circuit.

Nora Tobin
October 20 2015

7 Incredibly Easy Ways To Reduce Inflammation (Hint: You Might Need To Exercise Less)

Excess inflammation can cause major issues in our bodies and might destroy our efforts toward getting beautiful skin and a fit physique. Our 24/7...

Nora Tobin
October 17 2015

No Matter How Busy You Are, You Can Still Get Fit With These 6 Tricks

Today, 9-to-5 is more like 7-to-7. And while productivity and ambition can be rewarding, they definitely take a toll on our bodies. We skip the hour...

Nora Tobin
September 3 2015

Why You Should Start Trail Running + 7 Tips To Make It Work For You

Trail running is one of the best ways to get or stay physically fit while appreciating nature.

Nora Tobin
June 30 2015

5 Reasons To Do Push-Ups Everyday

Hint: It may actually inspire you to give them a try.

Nora Tobin
May 26 2015

5 Reasons To Foam Roll Every Day

What I'm about to tell you isn't ground-breaking, but it's important, so listen up: start foam rolling!

Nora Tobin
April 29 2015

5 Reasons To Do Squats Every Day

Squats are a mainstay in just about every program for trainers and athletes. The move has a variety of benefits for every body, no matter where you...

Nora Tobin
March 29 2015

5 Reasons To Do Bridges Every Day

As you can imagine, a strong, toned rear has major benefits! Aside from making any bikini or pair of jeans look fabulous, strong glutes play a vital...

Nora Tobin
March 9 2015

5 Reasons To Do Planks Every Day

When it comes to core workouts, no exercise beats the plank in terms of effectiveness and time (not even crunches).

Nora Tobin
February 17 2015

Lift & Tone Your Tush With This Quick Kettlebell Workout (Video)

Want the best butt of your life? You can lift and tone that backside with only five moves — all you need is a kettlebell or a one-gallon jug of water...

Nora Tobin
January 30 2015

A 5-Minute Fat-Burning Workout (Video)

Do you feel like you're carrying around just a few pounds of extra, unwanted weight in the wake of the holiday season? Every year, it's a challenge to...

Nora Tobin
January 14 2015

A Pre-Workout Warmup Video That's Perfect For Winter Sports

Whether you're skiing down a mountain, ice skating on a pond or simply walking through the snow, it's important to warm up your body before heading...

Nora Tobin
December 23 2014

A Simple & Effective Plan To Indulge Without The Bulge

Follow this five day eating and workout plan, and you won't have to worry about getting back on track after the holiday is over because you'll have...

Nora Tobin
December 9 2014