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Natasha Levinger

What To Expect From This Week's Emotionally Charged New Moon

The energy early in the week feels a bit like its dragging.

Why You Might Want To Stay In & Rest This Week, According To An Intuitive

This week asks us to show up for ourselves in the most comforting of ways.

Mercury Retrograde Nears: Here's How To Navigate Its Tricky "Shadow Period"

This is a good week to explore where you are expecting too much of yourself and others.

Why This Should Be A Week Of Deep Self-Reflection, An Intuitive Explains

The energy this week comes with two signatures: allowing and releasing.

Why You Can Expect Plenty Of Joy This Week, From An Intuitive

You can have fun and hold boundaries at the same time—and this week will remind us of that.

Natasha Levinger
February 22