Natalie Kringoudis

Natalie Kringoudis is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Speaker, Author and Producer.

She is also the owner of The Pagoda Tree a hub for natural fertility & women’s health in Australia.

Nat is on a crusade to share her knowledge to women and open their hearts to the possibilities that arrive when taking control of their health and fertility. Her dream is for all young women to understand how important their fertility is - to understand fertility isn't just about babies. Nat's released her e-course Debunking Ovulation and shares via her site through her books and videos reaching out to thousands of women in the quest to equip them with an abundance of information to allow them to make their own well informed health decisions.

She has recently gone onto produce & co-host her own web series, healthtalks and written two books; Fertilise Yourself and co-wrote Eat Fat, Be Thin.

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