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Natalie Dunbar

Making Peace With A Tough Decision

I am an amateur runner, but I am hyper-tuned to listening to my body, discerning the harmless aches from the pain signals I really need to heed.

Natalie Dunbar
March 13 2013

5 Ways To Reset By Listening To Your Body

Since my full-time job in an office environment ended a few months ago, I’ve been working hard to earn my unemployment pay.

Natalie Dunbar
February 19 2013

5 Things I'd Say To My 30 Year-Old Self

The weeks leading up to my 30th birthday were momentous – not because of the milestone it represented, but because in a short span of about 10 days...

Natalie Dunbar
February 6 2013

5 F-Words For Women Facing 50

While standing in front of the bathroom mirror one morning, detangling my hair after a shower, I stopped to take a good, long look at my face.

Natalie Dunbar
January 31 2013