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Nadya Andreeva

Better Than Coffee: Try This Morning Routine For All-Day Energy & Clarity

We are all healers in a way. Each day, we make choices that can support our body in staying healthy and strong. By creating health-boosting habits and...

Nadya Andreeva
June 4 2014

7 Foods That Will Work Wonders On Your Digestion

Add these seven happy belly foods to your diet.

Nadya Andreeva
March 6 2014

3 Easy Recipes To Heal Your Gut

Our digestion determines the health of each cell in our body. Strong efficient digestion equals great energy, glowing skin, deep sleep, and good mood....

Nadya Andreeva
February 26 2014

Healthy Power Baklava

An energy boosting and muscle nourishing snack.

Nadya Andreeva
August 25 2011