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Nadia Petrova

3 Food Categories You Should Completely Eliminate From Your Diet

Last week, I was a guest on a famous women’s talkshow in Bulgaria, where I'm from. The host, Martha Vachkova, asked me to list the three foods you...

Nadia Petrova
February 10 2013

No, Seriously: What's The Point Of A Detox?

In order to understand why you need to detox, maybe you have to learn what exactly happens in your body during the detoxification.

Nadia Petrova
January 30 2013

Everything You Wanted To Know About Detoxing But Were Afraid To Ask

If you want to strengthen your immune system, enhance the libido, protect your reproductive system and heart, have clear skin, more energy or just...

Nadia Petrova
January 14 2013

Raw Cacao Milk!

At some point, we all need a moment of peace and quiet to relax, to gather our thoughts and enjoy the calm.

Nadia Petrova
December 17 2012

An Easy-to-Make Raw Pie Recipe

I like to think of this as the ultimate raw pie recipe. The inspiration came when I saw a photo of a Pavlova cake, which is basically a white meringue...

Nadia Petrova
November 8 2012