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Michelle D’Avella

Giving Too Much Of Yourself? How I Learned To Make Boundaries For My Emotional Health

You don't lose yourself in a single moment. It's happening bit by bit, day by day. It happens every single time you choose not to honor yourself.

Michelle D’Avella
February 9 2017

Why Releasing Buried Emotions Is The Key To Metaphysical Healing

"Deep down, I believe I am a fraud. People don't get me. I am all alone. If I let myself continue to believe that, I'll be stuck forever."

Michelle D’Avella
November 7 2016

7 Secrets Of Forgiving Even The Deepest Betrayals

Yes, it IS possible to let go of resentment, grief, and pain. Just remember these seven things.

Michelle D’Avella
August 26 2016

5 Easy Rituals To Start Your Day With Energy & Joy

Taking a few minutes to serve the mind, body, and soul as soon as we rise is an act of dedication to our well-being, worth, and health.

Michelle D’Avella
January 7 2015