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Michelle Bland

11 Tips To Help Anyone Get Healthier & Happier

Last year, I ate vegan for three months as an experiment. It didn’t work as I was constantly light-headed and sluggish. I wasn't able to consume the...

Michelle Bland
February 1 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric & Ginger Tea

Right after the new year, here in Central Texas, we have cedar fever season. It happens every year. It can make you downright miserable with its...

Michelle Bland
January 27 2014

8 Tips For Raising An Only Child

At times, growing up as an only child was hard for me. I used to get so bored playing all by myself. I'd gather my stuffed animals and play pretend...

Michelle Bland
January 20 2014

10 Tips To Get Better Sleep Tonight

A good night’s rest is essential for effective thinking and learning. Lack of sleep can hurt these cognitive processes by impairing alertness,...

Michelle Bland
January 15 2014

Compliments: How To Take 'Em & How To Give 'Em

I used to do this all the time: I would do something for someone and they would thank me and I would reply with something along the lines of, “Oh,...

Michelle Bland
December 10 2013

Why I'm Excited To Turn 40

In a little over a month, I will officially hit the big 4-0! So many people dread these major birthdays, but I am actually looking forward to what the...

Michelle Bland
November 2 2013

Why I Think Before I Buy Pink

By now we all know that October was National Breast Cancer Awareness month. This means that for a month, everyone wears pink and buys “pink” products...

Michelle Bland
November 1 2013

How To Let Go Of Things That Don't Serve You

As I approach my 40th year in this life of mine, I find myself reflecting on past circumstances more than ever before. I have found, when I really dig...

Michelle Bland
October 25 2013

4 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Crave A Piece Of Cake

Have you ever felt like you needed a bag of chips or chocolate bar immediately, and you couldn't focus on anything but feeding that craving? This is...

Michelle Bland
October 1 2013

Get All Of Ginger's Healing Benefits With These Amazing Recipes!

I used to see ginger at the grocery store and wonder who would buy it and what exactly they would do with it. Now that I know the benefits, and how...

Michelle Bland
September 10 2013

Can You Honestly Say You're Taking Care Of Yourself?

If you really take a look at your life from an outsider’s perspective, can you honestly say you're taking care of yourself and leading a healthy...

Michelle Bland
August 23 2013

If You Do Nothing Else For Our Planet, At Least Do These 10 Things

I've always been aware that what we do today creates the future of the planet for our children and grandchildren. If everyone did his or her part,...

Michelle Bland
August 17 2013

7 Lessons I've Learned About Life & Love From Loss

Death. It's a word many people don’t like to discuss. However, death is inevitable for each and every one of us, and it's something that should be...

Michelle Bland
July 31 2013

10 Signs You're Eating Right For Your Body

Two years ago, I made it my mission to eat a healthy diet filled with whole foods and fresh vegetables. This wasn't just a personal decision, I did it...

Michelle Bland
July 27 2013

Why A Week In A Psychiatric Hospital Was A Gift

I can trace back my first panic attack to a week after my mom died in 2009. I decided I needed to get away after dropping everything in my life...

Michelle Bland
June 26 2013