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Michael Rubino

How Being A Minimalist Will Improve Your Air Quality (Yes, Really)

Yet another benefit of being intentional with your purchases.

Michael Rubino
January 17

How To Prevent Mold In Your Home As A Renter, A Remediation Expert Explains

Plus, questions to ask before signing your next lease.

Michael Rubino
October 24 2022

4 Ways To Prevent Mold From Forming In Your Home After An Extreme Storm

Extreme weather events can majorly disrupt indoor air quality.

Michael Rubino
October 2 2022

Is It Possible To Remove Black Mold Yourself? A Remediation Expert Explains

Any mold growth discovery should be handled the exact same way: quickly and correctly.

Michael Rubino
September 9 2022

The Best Way To Keep Mold Out Of Your Bathroom — With Or Without An Exhaust Fan

Less moisture means fewer opportunities for mold to start growing and spreading.

Michael Rubino
February 11 2022

3 Surprising Places Mold May Be Lurking In Your Kitchen + What To Do

Word to the wise: Pay attention to the area behind your fridge.

Michael Rubino
July 24 2021

Yikes: This Summertime Habit Can Actually Lead To Mold At Home

Be careful about how you're letting the outside in.

Michael Rubino
June 25 2021

You're 4 Steps Away From Never Having A Moldy Shower Curtain Again

A mold remediation expert explains how to prevent the dreaded grime.

Michael Rubino
May 30 2021

How Your Home's Air Could Be Aggravating Spring Allergies + What To Do

Letting fresh air into your house is great—but not for those with seasonal allergies.

Michael Rubino
April 12 2021