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Melissa Schollaert

The Pros & Cons Of Eating Like Your Ancestors

Did you know that roughly three million people in the United States have adopted an "ancestral" way of eating? That's quite a few people jumping on...

Melissa Schollaert
February 3 2015

Why The Secret To Getting Healthy Starts With Your Lymph

With the start of the New Year, it seems new health goals and resolutions are just a given. If you've got some new health initiatives on the table or...

Melissa Schollaert
December 31 2013

10 Tricks To Save You Time In The Kitchen

You're really busy. So am I. That said, we don't have time to slave away and waste the day in the kitchen. Here's are my favorite ways to shave off...

Melissa Schollaert
July 20 2013

How A Raw Diet Healed Me + Why You May Like It Too

The story begins with a couple weeks of unexplained bloating and weight gain. I was feeling tired, not as mentally clear and just kind of off. I'd...

Melissa Schollaert
June 5 2013

How I Saved My Wrecked-Out Hair When Eating Well Just Wasn't Enough

I noticed in my mid-twenties that my hair just wasn’t as thick as it used to be. When I asked around, many other women told me it just part of aging....

Melissa Schollaert
May 22 2013

I Went To My High School Reunion & It Didn't Kill Me

I recently attended my 15-year High School Reunion. It was my first, and maybe last. I was not popular, adorable, gifted or athletic in school. I was...

Melissa Schollaert
May 4 2013

Why You Shouldn't Diet In The New Year

I realize that the New Years diet resolution is as predictable as paying taxes and dying, but I’m here to say don’t do it! Not this year. And here’s...

Melissa Schollaert
December 31 2012

Are You Boring? Probably. 13 Ways to Snap Out of It

I’m a happy thirty something, married, blessed by family, great friends, and work that is full of passion, but you know what, I’m boring. I mean...

Melissa Schollaert
December 12 2012