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Melissa Rousseau

6 Holistic Techniques I Use To Soothe My Stress & Anxiety

From calming tonics to soothing teas, we've got you covered.

Melissa Rousseau
April 17 2016

A Tasty Turmeric Latte For Immunity

All hail the healing superpower of turmeric.

Melissa Rousseau
April 5 2016

3 Solar-Infused Honey Recipes For Immunity

Feel free to play around with the ingredients and measurements to create your own heavy-duty honey arsenal.

Melissa Rousseau
April 2 2016

Chocolate Chia Pudding With Healing Aloe

It's HOT. So I'm infusing all of my juices, smoothies, and foods with ALOE to get some deep hydration, along with the added benefits of intestinal...

Melissa Rousseau
July 28 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Sun Dressing (Gluten-Free Recipe)

Turmeric is getting some well-deserved attention these days. I love it for all its amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and detoxifying...

Melissa Rousseau
May 15 2013

How I'm Getting Unstuck

I have been mentally packing for about eight years. That may seem like a long time to be contemplating a move, but I’ve been a bit stuck. When I say...

Melissa Rousseau
August 8 2012

Finding Messages & Meaning in Chronic Pain

As with most creative people, I have a vivid, very active imagination. I am aware that I have the capacity to feel things very differently and much...

Melissa Rousseau
June 12 2012

6 Green Beauty Recipes Straight From Your Kitchen

A few years ago I had the realization that I was taking brilliant care of my inner body with an all organic diet, avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar, as...

Melissa Rousseau
May 29 2012

6 Morning Rituals to Jump Start Your Day

The following are a few of the morning rituals that help me wake up, get those positive vibes going, and set the grateful tone for the day.

Melissa Rousseau
May 26 2012

8 Tips for Understanding Grief

On December 9th, 2008, our lives changed in an instant. I had rushed my mother to the emergency room after her level of confusion became alarming. We...

Melissa Rousseau
May 4 2012