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Melissa Baker

Hunger: What Are You Really Craving?

My body is amazing at letting me know I’m disconnected from my deeper self. Take last week for example, each day I found myself wanting sugar. And...

Melissa Baker
August 21 2012

Losing Weight Is as Easy as Choosing to Let It Go

Heaviness is a burden that no one wants to share. It’s the act of holding pain in your belly and hips, eating to avoid crying and choosing Maccas...

Melissa Baker
July 27 2012

A Journey Through Fasting: 6 Truths Uncovered

Fasting came to me as a radical idea to clear the nasty mess of confusion and worry in my mind. I hoped to release stress, clear my gut and start my...

Melissa Baker
July 17 2012

3 Steps to Dreaming with Impeccable Precision

There's an infinite amount of possibilities for your life. I once saw myself as a wildlife ranger in Africa. My mind saw visions of me as aid-doctor-...

Melissa Baker
March 29 2012